Hey, I'm Brandon! 


I'm a wedding/ portrait photographer based out of Waterloo, ON.

On The Edge Photography has been a long journey that I have carried with me since high school. Originally I started out with sports photography- hence the name that's not very "wedding like" but is very sentimental to me- but over the past three years I have developed a passion for people, and documenting their special moments. 

It means so much to me to be able to be there to witness it all, whether its the raw grit and emotion of a CFL football game, the birth of your first child, or the vows of your wedding day we will put 100% of our effort into the work we do for you- was that cheesy? Probably. But seriously we love our job and always bond with our clients as more of friends then clients. 

My style I would say is almost 99.9% candid. I like to capture genuine moments rather then a posed one and most of our sessions will be filled with conversations and me trying to be funny, which never actually pans out. 

If we sound like a good match, send me a message I'd love to hear your story!


Hey, I'm Jordan!

I am Brandon's wife, business partner and second photographer! 

I'd say the best day of my entire life was our wedding day, the day I got to marry my soul mate. Cheesy, I know, but there's no one I'd rather be in this crazy business with then Brandon. We get it all, the stress and the confusion around planning a wedding. But we also know that it's all worth it, and great photographer makes it that much better (shameless self promo). 

A passion for photography is definitely in my blood! My dad was a wedding photographer for years and his passion slowly rubbed of on me. When Brandon & I met it was fate telling us we needed to take pictures together, thus On the Edge Photography was re-born, wedding style. 

During a typical session with us you'll probably hear way to much about our dogs (who we are shamelessly obsessed with) have to suffer through Brandon's terrible dad jokes but we laugh more then pose and there's always good conversation, even if it's about Brandon's terrible dad jokes. 

I'm passionate about couples who LOVE love, adventures and are always willing to try something new. Tell me all about your love story, it's my favourite part.